YouTube Marketing | A Complete Beginner’s Guide in 2020

The Blog Guide for Youtube Marketing in Beginner’s in 2020

The BBC wise group what do all these names have in common yeah all you do celebrities to do this I will be sharing with you all the studies that you can use to start and scale all units out of so let’s get started.

The good looking back to the digital marketing my sequel was good only the lesson to edit and today’s topic is you do marketing now you do marketing is an essential strategy to take it one page of the vest massive shift what we do 1.3000000000 people use YouTube and a massive 300 hours of video is uploaded

YouTube every minute which only validate the fact that video marketing is a growing trend the number 8 seed dog I’m sure you already know a few of them to beat you once in deep all of these on YouTube celebrities off India the wind is already established himself in the comedy speed and similar

to technical Guruji is known for his guide review so before we move on to the marketing 5 let’s talk about money they’re VDS withdrew

which you can make money from YouTube you can generate leads for your business you can make money from that would be the man that displayed on your website you can you want to affiliate marketing you can send some of the product and make commissions off it you can also do sponsored videos and then you can also look at outsourcing now I’m going to examples of each week but my one here you can see that it opened up the YouTube channel

of with him the biggest Jim Jim the world you can see that in each we do the fourth thing that mention is the event sites gold’s this weather generating leads for the business this is apart from the positive branding it also generating leads for their business let me talk about that sends you to do badly when you’re sitting in the high yes document

third well on the menu and you do you can link YouTube channel with absence and enable that since ads on the videos now for every act of you on your channel you will get 55 percent of active and you do give the other party that wasn’t another CB needed immediate stock the lead in each of the BDO and also the country of the video but on it out as you can make one to $2 but how did you then have you know going to the US

the policies we cannot disclose the awnings this is the reason I cannot show you an example but yes absence is one of the best my diversion strategies for your YouTube videos

so now let’s talk about a few did marketing my favorite area so we have an example of semi-technical he’s known for his that get interviews are you seeing the descriptions that show the video is fine all the little things and how do I know that the featured links let me show you when you open the link in the water section you can see.

The back of the card to shut my brain 09 – 21 this is heather if you get IT but I’m as an associate account so if you make up ideas here on Amazon. Dan op the kicking the affiliate link SM I. T. technical vindicated a commission all the products that you buy you can see through manipulating the description section

Never did get a few channels the main source of income is affiliate links the metal isn’t it also the Flipkart affiliate links here the commission but I’m is in danger from 0.3 to 10 percent but for technologies peers but I made it once around 4 percent. Now the other morning edition channel for you to be a does is sponsored videos.

So here are some examples for you so the example that I’m taking is of the viral fever another very popular you develop India let there for you. It is. Yeah. According. Yeah. He didn’t. He said don’t go. Will soon fall. I. It is. The company hero partnered up with but if you vote for the promotion of the new bike hero glamour so this is a sponsored video so now they’re not directly mentioning that this is a sponsored video it is more like a product placement as well what is the many factors my days in the study if you have a good amount of use of these other monetization strategies is crowdsourcing I have an example here offered to oversee a team of a new channel

What we. Well. EDM number asking what contribution from the database since the morning of April of the difficult for them because then you should not that suited for that and though they don’t need a lot of the that since the venue and also the sponsored videos so crowdsourcing is another monetization strategy

that YouTube was used to make money from the channel so now let’s talk about you do this you have you already go what is your opinion on this leads the marketing because they already know what keywords are and how to find them so just like you would be if people are looking out for information similarly people you took on the lookout for video information but just like you are trying to get you to know if they demand your target

keyword on Google similarly you would want your feedback on you to put your target keyword so before creating an immediate need to first find out the light you were that you were targeting him we should example. Elizabeth pausing for how to lose weight.

YouTube suggested it would also give you a lot of different keyword ideas on how to lose weight fast how to lose weight in a week so this phony differently does the idea that you can make also seem fairly consistent available the monarchy would result in the YouTube you would be such.

So when you searching for how to lose weight you can see that most of the videos how the keyword how to lose weight in the video data you can also use it enough to get some key what ideas are you too busy was not only about the works just like the normal issue is about the words and then backing so do I because then then then you would you apart from the keyword you also have to look at the user engagement how people are interacting with the video the most important metrics for YouTube is the watch time and the user engagement

so the longer with this deal New York even watch the other videos of the channel the better would be a ranking of your video and this will also increase the probability of your video shown in the suggested section but other reviews. Okay since then it’s very low on you do you have to make sure you keep and getting the view the video has to be high quality it has to hope that you will and you should make sure that your view of what to the media, in the end, don’t be boarding make a list of all the good points about your company to review it and incorporate them in your videos you think it meant is that implementing for your you do this you’ll you have to make sure that you’re with us as your video to subscribe to your channel and also share the video commenting on the video also has included with you. Here are some examples for you on how other creators are getting more severe than more like on the. What is the email? So what are you waiting to dissect? Look at all 4 grand.

thought. Did you choose so that you can watch it the awesome shows and? Thank you just for doing their comics of New Mexico. Egypt. My point is up already. Your view of the key off YouTube at the end of the video Oscar liking sharing commenting and subscribing to the channel because the higher the engagement interviewed you the higher will be the free promotion provided by YouTube to your V. deal I have another example for you from the copy. Yeah but. Yes. Keep moving this one second in the math department a bit then is that all too often to like to sit on, and so you’re gonna get a medic is something that you have to focus on soccer you have found that I. T. works then you also have to write a good

the description you also have to add the right-back do you use and the title is also extremely important because you have been called did you mean the what in your title as the number that I showed you earlier for how to lose weight you can see that all the TV do that thank you for these keywords all have the same keyword how to lose weight in their title first and third is that also have how to lose weight in their description although I have seen that having the keyword in the starting of the title also has in the ranking writing a great description is also extremely important for your review so make sure you include other keywords other related keywords for your video that someone is searching for how to lose weight and you can all think of it I think you would make losing weight how to lose weight in Hindi except that sector in your description also mention a little bit about

what’s incorporated in the media what the video is about and I think I’m stuck with another good study that you can use and as I mentioned that the watch some of the most important metrics for you do so you would wonder if you were to stay on your videos on your channel that is the reason people give a lot of links in the description about the other videos because of one of his does but still on the agenda because the more lost and they get the better thanking them again the more traffic will be provided by YouTube channel you must have already noted that instead of the suggested videos section I have this box here thank you BC so this is a browser plugin a boom that I have installed it’s an amazing looking to have if you do both you and if you want you to create they give you the detailed analytics off all the media that you’re watching apart from the other meetings that that office

so I highly recommend installing this plugin and using it wisely it will also give you the media stock that associated with this video and what makes that it is lacking on which was the sin to give you his definitely of employment if all you do is you but more importantly you’ll use the watch thing you would want to engage a wise thing to as high as possible. Try to get as many ways as possible after you upload a video in the first 40 8:00 hours the embedded media then don’t force promoted enveloping Facebook groves added in playlists and there are so many different things that you can do to promote your videos right back and also get to redoing suggested video section so make sure you use that

tagging strategy to get your videos in the suggested we do a section but other reviews so here might eat if I’m getting the fuss thousands of drivers was report useful content consistently booted 5 different beat yourself in Peter quantity that appeared one video which is the best media on that topic you also have a name yet media strategically I’ve already given the people of incorporating you meet you what in the title you already know how to do that he would decide you know already know how to write an effective description and how to find the right balance we would use a nice generally there is also a plus for you also shoot in various locations that you add some variety in your videos and it looks like what the custom,nd is extremely important you can’t even imagine how much it come it is crucial for a video he was at the right time in getting these video views by 2 or 3 times so here is an example of the Waukegan internet marketer as you can see the channel looks denies the Jelgava because the profit going directional subscribe back to close to the subscribe button also see how he mentions business lessons from it he got found out he also mentioned someone up the motor company is founded also look at the line is really

nice the company is in a meeting here are a few examples of what companies should conduct the background and also having any motion of the palm it also increases at the Cusi you can see that the motion is somehow related to being a field that they created a liquid. The man is also not too difficult if you see mother media then you already know that I use down before getting on my graphic the organization of YouTube comments from being you can create your so I get my user comments from gun rights that you can either try this too using annotation is another level we are getting more views and more watched a movie deal with by directing your current view of the some of the videos if you hear of an example for you it can see how levity is used on occasion on his video. Please give you 2 options sticking the knife and don’t take the knife and the Xerox you do you are detected were different you. S. R.. Peoples of diverse is Litecoin to action that you have to make multiple times in your review that when the study is to also subscribing in the start of the video and once at the end of the video thing then just be yourself sure it was not easy here’s a good video and the Saudi leaders you have tons of I was very soon. If your goal is to become an influencer then you do with the profit that phone for you you can see examples of a conclusion that can cause a dog on the comedies fees these guys up on the news do you

have was fine your idea your backs and things that you hello then you have to get some high-quality video the market your content. Thank you all so much as a lot to have this different timing you have to port your content but the audience is most active I don’t know what you are near the view that you get in the first 40 8:00 hours on the most crucial one. Try to stick to a schedule if you put them on to their website is make sure the next week in the coming weeks also you for thank yous in Friday’s within Tencent industry is a very good way to gain traction for your videos on this channel on YouTube what’s a dog

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